Sick of GIG Greed #NOonProp22 #SickOfGigGreed
Sick of GIG Greed #NOonProp22 #SickofGigGreed


Endorsement: No on Prop. 22. It’s the wrong solution for Uber drivers and the gig economy

Los Angeles Times

Proposition 22, which would classify drivers for app-based services such as Uber and Lyft as independent contractors but guarantee them certain benefits, is an ink-blot test. If you think these companies are predators that exploit workers and compete unfairly, you’ll see the measure as yet another effort by the tech industry to circumvent the rules by which responsible corporate citizens play. If you think the apps provide workers an easy means to make extra money and consumers an affordable alternative to taxis, you’ll see Proposition 22 as a way to hold onto a service you value.

The LA Times No on 22 endorsement,details why it’s a raw deal for drivers: “The benefits are modest at best. Because drivers spend about a third of their time waiting to be summoned by a customer, the measure’s pay floor would translate to about 80% of the minimum wage. Drivers would be reimbursed at an initial rate of only 30 cents per mile, a little more than half the rate recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. They would have no paid sick days or family leave. There’s no provision to let them form a union.”

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