Sick of GIG Greed #NOonProp22 #SickOfGigGreed
Sick of GIG Greed #NOonProp22 #SickofGigGreed


Hector Castellanos, Uber & Lyft driver

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“I sent a letter one year ago or one and a half years ago about these changes [to driver pay and bonuses] to Uber and Lyft. I expected to get some answer like, ‘Oh okay, we’re going to figure it out and work on that,’ but the answer on the letter was, ‘Okay, thank you for your comment.’ That’s it!” said Hector Castellanos.

It’s not just me. Probably around 90% of the drivers are uncomfortable with this situation. Instead of working 8 hours, now we have to work 12 hours to get the same salary we had a few years ago.

Why Uber and Lyft drivers need a union.

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