Sick of GIG Greed #NOonProp22 #SickOfGigGreed
Sick of GIG Greed #NOonProp22 #SickofGigGreed


Press Release 5/29/20: Breaking: Elizabeth Warren Urges Californians to “VOTE NO” on “Misguided” $110M Uber/Lyft Initiative

Posted in: Cheating Workers

Sacramento, CA  — Former Presidential candidate and US Senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren took a strong “NO” position against Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Instacart, and Postmates’ misguided November ballot initiative in a tweet Thursday afternoon, saying, “I urge Californians to vote no.”

Warren called the gig companies’ effort to buy their way out of providing basic protections for their workers “misguided,” highlighting their failure to provide basic protections drivers and shoppers need to survive on the frontlines of the global pandemic.

This comes just a day after the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden added his voice to the “NO” campaign’s effort to stop Uber and Lyft from buying their own loophole to continue cheating workers and taxpayers. 

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