Sick of GIG Greed #NOonProp22 #SickOfGigGreed
Sick of GIG Greed #NOonProp22 #SickofGigGreed


Why a New York unemployment win for Uber and Lyft drivers may trickle over to California

San Francisco Business Times

California Uber and Lyft drivers seeking reclassification to employees from contractors may get some help in their efforts from their brethren in New York. Earlier this week, a federal judge in New York ruled the state must begin making unemployment claim payouts to Uber and Lyft drivers and fix its backlog problem within the next 45 days, the New York Times reports. The New York Taxi Workers Alliance filed the preliminary injunction to kick-start the payments process for the unemployment claims, which the drivers argued was urgent noting its members could not wait for the case to be resolved before the drivers received some financial relief. In California, Uber and Lyft face two lawsuits over the recently enacted AB5 law, which reclassifies a wide swath of contractors as employees – including Uber and Lyft drivers and app-based delivery workers.  One lawsuit, filed in May by the California Attorney General and city attorneys from San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego, seeks to require Uber and Lyft to come into compliance with AB5. And late last month, the group announced plans to file a preliminary injunction to speed up that process. A hearing for the preliminary injunction is scheduled for Aug. 6.

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